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A tree in the right place is a source of joy. A tree in the wrong place can be a problem waiting to happen. Knowing it’s time to remove a tree can save you costly repairs in the future.

Problem trees can be:

  • Too close to your house, including their branches
  • Near pools, decks, patios and sidewalks (prevent debris buildup)
  • Under power lines (prevent future power outages)
  • Blocking scenic views
  • Damaged by disease or insects
  • Damage/fallen after storms (insurance may not cover if tree is dead)

With ezhome’s experienced tree removal professionals, you’ll get a high-quality and reliable service that will give you peace of mind and protect your home for many years to come.

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Questions & Answers
  • What will my quote include?

    Your quote will include the total cost for taking down the tree and removing from the site any debris that can't be left curbside. If you want the stump gone too, let us know, and we’ll include it in your quote.

  • How do you determine the quote?

    To provide you a fast and hassle-free quote, we can use photos you send us, public information available through Google Earth, and, if you’re also an ezhome gardening customer, photos of the yard from your gardener. You will have the opportunity to provide additional information about the tree, like type and if you want the stump removed, when you request the quote.

  • How will my tree be removed?

    Our experienced and fully-insured crew does the following on each job:

    • Check the surrounding area for obstacles (proximity to your home or other homes, other trees, a fence, overhead wires etc.)
    • Check the tree itself for dead or hanging branches
    • Check the trunk of the tree for signs of hollow or rotten wood
    • Observe the way the tree is naturally leaning to establish the best and safest angle for removal
    • Safely and securely lower all branches down to the assisting crew
    • Safely reduce the trunk and base of the tree with a chainsaw
  • Will the roots also be removed?

    If stump removal is part of your quote, we will grind the stump down 8 inches below grade (ground level). Our standard practice is to leave the extension roots. If you would like, we can prepare a custom quote to remove as many roots as possible.

Why choose ezhome

  • Why choose ezhome

    We manage everything
    • All the services we offer are provided by ezhome
    • ezhome is a single point of contact for all your needs
    • We handle all the details, including scheduling, payment and support
    We get things done
    • We explain ahead of time what we’ll do
    • We show you before/after photos of what was done
    • If you’re not happy, we’ll make it right
  • We’re high tech and easy to use
    • Everything is online: send notes to your professional, manage scheduling and payments
    • Order services with a few clicks through our mobile app or website
    • Rate your service with one tap
    We excel in communication
    • You can call or email us any time
    • Our professionals are approachable and happy to help
    • Our support team is friendly and responsive

Customers love ezhome

  • Many thanks, and I'm very impressed! The guys today were WONDERFUL! I really appreciated your careful attention to detail. Looking forward to a long and happy relationship!
    BrookPalo Alto
  • We have used ezhome for over 6 months now and love the quality of the service, the responsiveness of the staff, and the online interface so we don't have to chase down gardeners in person during the day.
    Alicia BattlePalo Alto
  • They are amazing, great service and great results to my yard!
    Steve JungclasPalo Alto

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